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Cashmere is one of most precious natural fibers. The right climate as well as the vegetative condition of the Asian highlands, China, and Mongolia are the reasons why the best quality cashmere is provided by these regions. The higher the region and the meager the steppe the better is the growth of the animals’ warming undercoat. Only during the natural change of the animal’s hair in spring, it is possible to comb-out about 250 grams of pure cashmere per goat. This is also the amount of cashmere needed to produce a single Iris von Arnim basic sweater.

For the love of this precious material we would like to recommend a few techniques. If you care for your Iris von Arnim piece the same way we do in producing it, it will retain its shape and unique feel and you will enjoy it for a long time.

It is generally true that cashmere does not need to be dry-cleaned, but should be washed cold in a hand or wool cycle of a modern washing machine. Please do not use any washing powders, but only specific liquid washing agents because these are specifically made for the characteristics of animal fibres and their optimal care. Even a small amount of our Iris von Arnim Cashmere Shampoo guarantees good results. After washing, cashmere can be tumble dried cold in a dryer. Through the air supply, patterns will unfold their original shape and form.

Cashmere is an especially fine and delicate hair. The fine fibres we select can tend to light pilling in the beginning. This is a natural process of removing excess hair, which will stop over time. For flat-knitting, these little knots should be removed using a lint shaver lightly. For patterns such as cables and ribs, please use a special cashmere comb.

If you would like to order our Iris von Arnim cashmere care products please contact us at or +49. 40. 41 40 100.